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A Boulder, Colorado based entrepreneur in the field of sports apparel design, development and manufacturing, Elizabeth Israel made her journey to Equestrian sports apparel design from Exxon Mobil, where she had a successful career in oil and gas research and development. Since 2006, Elizabeth has created several high-end equestrian apparel brands: Latigo, Santio, Nathalie and her current and most successful brand, Mastermind.

Mastermind Equestrian is a collaboration of experienced riding and marketing professionals from both the H/J and dressage worlds. The brand is known for it's delicate, subtle and tastefully designed color coordinated collections that are produced for market distribution every few months. This cadence of developing small breeches-centered collections 4 to 5 times/year, utilizing Swiss fabric technologies and premium product construction processes supports the brand strategy of continually serving up high-end, unique and fresh designs. Unlike traditional wholesale to retail brands, Mastermind's customer experience strategy focuses on direct contact with riders through events, ambassador and sponsorship opportunities. Elizabeth and other members of the team attend numerous major equestrian events across the country, specifically focusing on the Colorado, California and Florida show circuit seasons.

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